6 Boho Kitchen Ideas For Insta-Ready Cooking Experiences

Here are six ways to design a modern boho kitchen in your home.

Back in the 19th century, a group of artists, performers, writers and nomads gave birth to the bohemian style. They valued creativity over what was conventionally believed to be beauty. The amalgamation of their culture, ideals and refusal to conform to traditional beauty standards led to a revolution in design. And that’s how the modern-day bohemian style came to be. Bohemian style is all about letting your inner artist out and experimenting. For a boho kitchen, you can either play around with bright and bold colours in contrast with white or go floor to ceiling bohemian. Here are some of our top boho kitchen ideas to get you started.

A Boho Kitchen Backslash That’s A Riot Of Colours

True bohemian colours are yellow, burnt orange, indigo blue and pink. A creative way to include all these colours in a single palette for your kitchen is to use a vibrant printed backsplash. You can use colourful ceramic tiles in your kitchen like in this one. Meanwhile, to create visual consistency, the dominant colour of this kitchen is yellow — from the breakfast chairs to accent box shelves, wallpaper and soft furnishing. The bright colours perfectly contrast the black and white kitchen cabinets.

Go Bold With The Cabinet Colour For A Modern Boho Kitchen

Bohemian style doesn’t follow a set colour palette. So, you have the freedom to experiment with any hue that best reflects your personality — whether it’s bold and vibrant or soft and soothing. For instance, in this kitchen, we have played with rich burnt orange cabinets and combined them with a delicate white ceramic backsplash and mustard yellow quartz countertop. The printed floor tiles add an extra dose of oomph to this modern boho kitchen. If that’s not all, the dining room’s accent wall with a leaf-patterned wallpaper perfectly enhances the kitchen’s drama. Try this style at your home!

Create A Sustainable Modern Boho Kitchen With Natural Wood Cabinets

Boho style doesn’t necessarily have to be loud and statement-making. You can create a softer and more sophisticated boho kitchen with natural wood cabinets. Pair them with a white marble backsplash and countertop. You can also add wicker dining room chairs and a skylight to make the space bright and airy. The star attraction of this kitchen is how we have created layers of natural green by positioning indoor plants in strategic locations.

Jewel-Tone Colours For Instant Boho Kitchen Ideas

Thanks to their vibrancy, jewel-tone colours go perfectly well in a bohemian-style kitchen. For instance, in this boho kitchen, we have used emerald green on the upper and lower cabinets and the backsplash with a magnificent pop of yellow in between to create a striking look. Bold colours aside, the kitchen also gets a boho look from the sleek utensils, appliances, printed floor and quartz countertop.

Craft A Boho Kitchen With Budget Elements

Bohemian style promotes a casual, inexpensive and relaxed vibe. So, you don’t need to break the bank to transform your existing kitchen into a boho dream. For this home, we DIY-ed a kitchen island out of wooden crates and solid wood panels. We also decorated the kitchen with a macrame wall hanging. We opted for muted colours and a minimalist style to let the boho elements shine.

Yellow Makes Your Boho Kitchen A Cheerful Delight

Yellow is one of the most popular bohemian colours, besides indigo. Feel free to play with various shades of yellow, such as golden yellow, goldenrod, sunny yellow and mustard yellow. When properly combined with other colours, this palette defines cheerfulness and sophistication. In this kitchen, we coupled goldenrod with brown and black. To break the monotony of yellow, we combined the colour with white open cabinets. It creates such a sleek and soothing ambience that you’d look forward to having your morning coffee here.

We hope these boho kitchen ideas have given you enough inspiration to begin your kitchen transformation journey. If you need any advice or help from experts, our designers are here to answer all your questions. For more such kitchen design ideas, check out our blog section.

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